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Welcome to  Advanced Audio Microphones, a small Canadian, family run company that sells studio microphones to award winning producers and project studios alike. Our unbeatable prices and high quality are quickly becoming known all over the world. (learn more about us)

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Musikmesse 2015 in Frankfurt!!!


Advanced Audio are ready to show off our mics at the largest music convention in Europe. If your in the Frankfurt neighbourhood, come on by for a visit at booth E74, it's the one with all the shiny mics up for you to test out!!

Legendary guitarist Elliot Randall and leading engineer Wes Maebe talk CM67se on guitar cab


 Elliot Randall, legendary sessions recording guitarist, famed for many things, Steely Dan for one, and Wes Maebe discuss their techniques on recording guitar amp.

"Don't go breaking your piggy bank, there is a lot of stuff out there that does the job beautifully, this thing is an unbelievable sounding mic"   - Elliot Randall on the Advanced Audio CM67se

Build your 100k Analog Studio with Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se from Mix Magazine

Wes Maebe designed a $100,000 analog studio this past month for Mix Magazine, and low and behold, he has gone with some of AA's finest for his condenser mic choices. 


                                                 "$100,000 Ante in the Analog Game"

"Advanced Audio Microphones have prided themselves on building vintage-inspired mics using modern technology.
These mics sound warm and open at a fraction of the cost of their predecessors. Both the CM67se ($965) and
CM251 ($995) sound big and crisp and are brilliant for vocals, acoustic guitars and horns. I’ve added a CM414 ($379),based on the original AKG 414. It’ll be cool as an additional mic on snares and deliver a nice zing on acoustic guitars." READ More

Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) sings into CM67se on recent live session at RAK. 03/10/15


                             "Bryan Ferry - Live at RAK"    click to read more

AA Mics records the psychedelic sounds of the orient!! 01/30/15



The "Yaybahar", a one string, spring reverb, cello type instrument with animal skin drum heads was recorded by award-winning producer and engineer, Pedro Ferreira at his new studio, SpinRoad Sound using Advanced Audio Mics exclusively!

Click to hear the recording and learn more about this original Turkish instrument.

The Weapons of Choice at Sonic Cuisine:  Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se. 01/15/15

Mo Michael  recording recently with Wes Maebe at Sonic Cuisine.


   The CM67se on slide guitar.                                   CM251 on vocals and harp. Wes: What a Sound!

Have a listen to a great version of Robert Johnson's Crossroad Blues!


AA Mic's now making an appearance at famed RAK Studio's, London. 01/02/201                                                                    

 RAK is one of a small list of studio's still in operation putting out hits since the 70's. Founder, Mickie Most, started recording and producing out of here in 1976 and RAK is still family owned.

 "We absolutely love the mic's on our current session, using both the CM67se and the CM12se on the lead vox. They even beat out our original valve 47 to the job!" 

                                                  - Robbie Nelson, Grammy nominated, in house engineer.



Advance Audio Microphone users Nominated for Grammy Awards! 12/05/14


            "BEST COUNTRY ALBUM"                                       "BEST ARRANGEMENT"


Lee Ann Womack's "The way I'm Living"                     Amy Dickson's track "Moon River"

                                                        READ MORE HERE







What's happening with us.....

DM20's On Sale!! - Mar 20

We need to clear up some space for the new mics coming in so our DM20's are on sale for $179!!! The DM20 does a great job on kick, and a live vocal cut! Don't delay, buy today, they won't last long!

Mics in motion

We are proud of what our friends do with our microphones. Send us your work to be considered for "Mics in Motion" Here is what our founder, Dave Thomas does on vacation, much the same as what he does here but with some tequila and more sun.

The CM87 captures Javi's beautiful guitar playing and a lone CM1084 in omni over Jordi's drums gives you the full presence of the beautiful open air restaurant.