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The AES & NYC On October 27, 2013

Thank you, New York!!!  

We were humbled by everyone who came by to see us at our modest booth and thank us for the contribution our microphones made to their recording project.

Several, of my personal heroes also came by to visit us and we managed to have some good chats about microphones and recording gear.  

Thank you, Malcolm Toft who designed Trident Consoles and recorded David Bowie.  Malcolm was my neighbour two booths over at the AES and we had a couple of good chats and he gave me some great advise.  I had spoken with Malcolm during the commissioning of a Trident Series 80b console for Ocean Sound a Studio in Vancouver that we built in 1979 but it was a pleasure to meet him in person at the AES convention last week...he's also a very funny guy!!!  

Thanks, Jon Smeltz for recording Al Green, running down the isle to give me a hug and screaming to the rafters, "where's Advanced Audio and Dave Thomas...I want to thank Dave personally for my microphone"  Jon is a very gifted Philly engineer/producer and an endearing character to boot.  

Thanks, Chuck Ainlay for coming by to check out our microphones and chat.  I think Chuck heard the buzz Jon created!!!.   Chuck, briefly talked about microphones but mostly how  professional groups like the AES can provide new engineers, producers and musicians with accurate information regarding the process of recording.  The AES made a big step in the last two years by having 2 days of courses for Project Studios.  Chuck and I agreed that knowledge and professional recording gear must go hand in hand to make great recordings.

Thanks, Wes Dooley of AEA Ribbon microphones who came by for a visit.  Wes is up there in my book with Les Paul who created the art of recording on tape but Wes was responsible for recovering the audio content from the ERASED Nixon tapes.  Apparently, referred to as "the gift that never stopped giving".

Thanks, Latin bass player and Grammy Winner Jon Benitez for inviting us to the Village to hear him and an incredible 7 piece latin band.   Jon introduced us to everyone in the restaurant and thanks, Al Demiola's drummer Robbie Gonzalez for teaching me to play the clave' part to the latin music while my wife danced.

We will never forget this trip to New York.  It was a pleasure meeting everyone who is using our microphones or will soon be using our microphones.

Cheers, Dave


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