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AA Mics capturing the psychedelic sounds of the orient! Jan 2015

AA mics were in action in Gothenburg, Sweden recording a one of a kind acoustic instrument, never before recorded in a studio!

                                                                                 "The "Yaybahar":  One part Cello, two parts springs, add animal hide skins plus AA mics = amazing!"

The session took place at multi award-wining producer and engineer Pedro Ferreira's newly opened studio, SpinRoad Sound Studios. Pedro's impressive CV includes The Darkness's multi platinum debut, "Permission to Land", David Gray's "White Ladder", as well as artists Meatloaf, Therapy and Joe Strummer, among many others.  



                                               "Pedro Ferreira and the Neve V3"

Turkish instrument inventor, Gorkem Sen's, created a 100% acoustic one string, cello type instrument with a natural spring reverb system. It is called the "Yaybahar". The chosen mics, a pair of Advanced Audio CM251's on the resonator skins, and in the room a stereo pair of CM67se's and a mono CM48. They were all more than up for the job.

Listen to the unbelievable results that fully captured the psychedelic sounds:

There is no instrument amplification. All mics went through the Neve V3 console mic pre's; no fx, no eq...YES completely flat! Just that "ready mix" AA sound on an entirely new source!


    "the CM251's capturing every bit of the concentrated artist"                       "a slight adjustment"                              

Gorkem has been developing the Yaybahar for 5 years at his workshop in Istanbul. Throughout the recording session, Gorkem was continually accessing the resonance of the instrument as well as the tuning of the skins and adjustments of the springs. He has great passion for not only designing but also the sonic affect certain sounds make on the human ear. He is hoping to win the Margaret Gutman Musical Instrument Competition at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. The competition will be held in February 2015.

AA would like to thank Pedro Ferreira for the use of his studio and expertise and would like to express how humbled we were to be included in a part of Gorkem's musical journey. Best of luck at the competition!