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Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) sings into CM67se on recent live session at RAK. 03/10/15


                             "Bryan Ferry - Live at RAK"    click to read more

AA Mics records the psychedelic sounds of the orient!! 01/30/15



The "Yaybahar", a one string, spring reverb, cello type instrument with animal skin drum heads was recorded by award-winning producer and engineer, Pedro Ferreira at his new studio, SpinRoad Sound using Advanced Audio Mics exclusively!

Click to hear the recording and learn more about this original Turkish instrument.

The Weapons of Choice at Sonic Cuisine:  Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se. 01/15/15

Mo Michael  recording recently with Wes Maebe at Sonic Cuisine.


   The CM67se on slide guitar.                                   CM251 on vocals and harp. Wes: What a Sound!

Have a listen to a great version of Robert Johnson's Crossroad Blues!


AA Mic's now making an appearance at famed RAK Studio's, London. 01/02/201                                                                    

 RAK is one of a small list of studio's still in operation putting out hits since the 70's. Founder, Mickie Most, started recording and producing out of here in 1976 and RAK is still family owned.

 "We absolutely love the mic's on our current session, using both the CM67se and the CM12se on the lead vox. They even beat out our original valve 47 to the job!" 

                                                  - Robbie Nelson, Grammy nominated, in house engineer.



Advance Audio Microphone users Nominated for Grammy Awards! 12/05/14


            "BEST COUNTRY ALBUM"                                       "BEST ARRANGEMENT"


Lee Ann Womack's "The way I'm Living"                     Amy Dickson's track "Moon River"

                                                        READ MORE HERE



House of Blues Studios enjoying Advanced Audio Microphones tube mics 11/15/14


                            Gary Belz initial reaction on the CM67se: "We love it"

 The Nashville crew at House of Blues Studios recently used the CM67se on Joe Ely. AA is happy to send them out another 67se, a pair of CM251's and a pair of CM12se's. We look forward to having them used on the many artists who record there!

AA Mics take a walk at Sony with Joseph Magee. 11/05/14



AA Mics were happy to have a tour of the Sony Culver City lot. Check out the theater's, take the tour and hear what Mr. Magee is saying about AA and his prototype CM49 here.

5 seconds of Summer "She Looks So Perfect" nominated for song of the year! 10/15/14


   "4 ARIA awards!!!"                             Jake at his standup console: "all the things I use my 67se on"

Jake Sinclair performed his amazing multi talents on "She Looks So Perfect" including, Writing, Producing, Engineering, BG Vox, Guitar and Programming. The song has had recognition all over the world including Teen Choice, Much Music, MTV, ARIA, We love Pop, World Music even Rockbjornen. The single has sold close to a half million copies over the world!

 Thank you LA for a hugely successful trip! 10/16/1

The team is back at the shop and back to business as usual. We enjoyed visits from some happy users including Jake and John Sinclair, Joseph Magee, Chuck Ainlay, Wes Maebe, Jack Douglas, Gary Belz, Al Schmitt, Bryant Sionno, David Royer, Jason Brennan, Bobby Owsinski, and so many others!


   Proud AA users Jake and John Sinclair                    Chuck Ainlay and Wes Maebe:

"AA is all over the place on all my stuff"    "What do you use your CM67se on?



Jack Douglas: "I need one of those CM251's"   Gary and Erik Belz: "I've heard great things, I want a CM67se"

Advanced Audio CM67se takes part in the Peak Performance Projects Bootcamp 10/01/14



Winston Hauschild and Warne Livesey used the CM67se at the Peak Performance project this August. The Peak brings together the top 12 bands of the west coast for a week of intense recordings and seminars. AA were happy to offer up a pair of CM67se for use on the album that was created up in the mountains of Princeton BC. Watch the bootcamp video and see if you can spot the 67se!!

"I used the  Advance Audio CM67se at this year's Peak Performance bootcamp. They were great on everything! Overheads, vocals, acoustic guitar and gang vocals. Another great mic from AA."

                                                                 - Winston Hauschild - engineer, producer, songwriter


Lee Ann Womack's  "The Way I'm Living" featuring the CM67se on vox just released! - 09/25/14


                                                           "The Way I'm Living"

"The new Lee Ann single is one of the songs we re-sang using the AA67, sounds awesome! Thank you!"

                                                                         - Chuck Ainlay, producer, engineer, mixer


Jake Sinclair used the CM67se on the recently released Train album "Bulletproof Picasso." - 16/09/2014


"I've been using the CM67se on vocals and bass for awhile now. Had some good success with it so far! I used it on Train's upcoming record, Travie McCoy, New Politics, a bunch of fun stuff."  - Jake Sinclair, engineer, producer, composer

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater's single "Feelin' the Feelings" recorded in Brasil with AA CM47 - 09/17/2014

Produced by Pretinho, in Rio de Janeiro at Melhor do Mundo Studios, the duet features vocals by Kelly Slater, Karina Zeviani aswell as acoustic guitar all done on Head Engineer, Alexander Griva's CM47.

"The mic has a beautiful high end and warm sound, sounded great on both voices. Sometimes you have to change mics from male to female voices...not with this mic, even the guitar has great high end definition and full body. It´s a killer!" - Griva


 Dan Cleary of Striker tells us about recording with the CM47 on City of Gold - 09/04/2014


                                       Click here view the video and hear a taste of their album!

Henry Wagon's discussing AA ( and Maple Syrup) and his 'vacation home' studio on the cover of Audio Technology 08/25/14


 "Advanced Audio Mics are up there with the finest maple syrup in terms of the most legendary thing to come out of Canada. Like the best maple syrups, you can count on Advanced Audio mics to be sweet, supple and always bring unexpected complexity and depth. Beware, because once you have a taste, you'll be coming back for at least a second pour."

                                                         - Henry Wagons

 AA Mics forms the basis of the vintage orchestra sound on Amy Dickson's latest album. - 08/08/14                                                   

We are very proud to hear the massive sounds of a 40 piece orchestra being captured by AA mics on Amy's recent album. Amy's sax is done with the CM67se and a Royer SF-24V. Check out the tech sheet and some more info on the session. Read more

" It sounds like a 300 piece philharmonic orchestra, you are onto something special here." - Sony Classics rep.


Advanced Audio CM251 does the rounds in Portugal!-07/20/14                                                             First, was Atlantico Blue Studios just outside Lisbon, where they have not one, but two original ELA M251's that we could put the CM251 up against.  



Atlantico Blue's studio B with an SSL Duality 24.        The CM251 and the vintage ELA M251

The initial tests (Scotty's " 1,2,3,4"  radio voice) had most in the room curious if the mics were actually being switched! Further recordings on piano and vox revelaed just how similar the mics were. LISTEN and read more about the trip.

Architects win big at  Kerrang! Awards - June 2014

 Fredrik Nordstrom ( of Studio Fredman) used the CM47 for all the vocals on the Architects latest album, Lost Forever//Lost together which has won best album at Kerrang! Everyone at AA sends their congrats!

"Fredman", in preparation for his next project, just added another 3 CM47fets to his AA mic locker for use on the drum sound. He "loves that mic!" A true workhorse in the studio.

 Advanced Audio Microphones launches the new CM251 - June 17 2014


We are proud to launch our new microphone the CM251! The mic is inspired by the original ELA M251. Using modern circuit designs while maintaining the vintage sonic character of the original, our CM251 offers yet another flavour to our mic line up.

 "The CM251 is smooth and present. It just sounds right when you put it up on a vocal. It has a mellower sound then the C12. The creamy top end captures emotion wonderfully." - Dave Thomas


Advanced Audio Studio Day at Rimshot studios's in Kent, UK. May 2014

May 30th saw the first Advanced Audio studio day held at Rimshot Studio's. The event allowed a small group (about 30 lucky souls) to witness a full lineup of AA mics in a live recording session featuring a group of very talented session musicians. With Niall Acott at the helm of the SSL board, and the use of some beautiful 60's era Decca valve preamps two full tracks were captured in AA style! Check out the video and the tracks!



Advanced Audio helps to fill Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman's mic cupboard, June, 2014.

Fall Out Boy's last album, recorded with Butch WalkerSave Rock and Roll featured the CM47 and CM67se on vocals. Guitarist Joe Trohman is now building himself a studio and wanted to add some AA mics to his arsenal.


   " Stoked on the mics! I plan on these being heavily used, they'll get a lot of miles for sure." - Joe Trohman


Advanced Audio CM47 makes an appearance on MTV, Portugal, May 2014.

 The beautiful Maria Ana Bobone and Mikkel Solnado perform a very moving duet, featuring the CM47, of "If the Stars were to Waltz.", written by Maria and  producer Rodrigo Serrao.

The video, recorded at Kbranca Music in Portugal, is being featured on MTV - Portugal.

"the two Portuguese MTV Artists reach the perfect balance between Fado and Pop Music, in a duet that touches the heart."

Mix Magazine chooses CM47 for "$50k old school studio build": 03/19/2014

Wes Maebe's $50k studio setup "boasts brave analogue in a new digital world." Have a look to see the  other gear and AA's CM 47 as the go to LDC.



Famed Fader Mountain Studio visit: 02/27/14


Advanced Audio Microphones found ourselves reveling in the famous loading bay at Fader Mountain Sound recently. Formerly, Little Mountain Sound Studios, the studio's loading bay is famous for (or infamous) the shotgun snare sound. It can be found on a huge number of hit albums. Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock recorded Aerosmith's Get a Grip, Metallica's Black Album  and Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood to name but a few of the greats who have been recorded within those walls.


Winston Hauschild and Dwayne Morgan invited AA's Mike Jones and Scotty Brown down for a tour and a quick visit to the tech room for some mic testing. Winston and Dwayne have been using AA mics and recently used a pair of CM12's to capture the cello in the loading bay for upcoming Nat Jay single. Winston also used the CM12se on Nat Jay's vocals.                                                                       


Behind the scenes: a "vintage" orchestral recording session.

London 31/01/14 - Advanced Audio Microphones had a chance to shine in a way they have never before; on a large ensemble in a world class studio, with award winning pro's at the helm!



 Three sessions, all taking place at Angel Recording Studio's in London, consisted of 40 of the finest London players and a saxophone soloist. 5 time Grammy nominee Chris Walden arranged and conducted the group, while James McMillan brought his award winning producing skills. Mic choices for a session of this size are not taken lightly. So, when James proposed using AA mics it required some discussion. Niall John Acott, the engineer for the session,  and James have used AA microphones in the past, but never on such a large scale.

" We've used Advanced Audio mics in recent years on a few different sources, mainly CM12se and CM47ve on vocals. More recently, we recorded a string quartet using the CM12's on violins, CM47 on viola and a CM67se on Cello, with great results. A stereo pair of CM28's in ORTF performed well as an ambient pair. The 67 is particularly sonorous on cello." - Niall John Acott

Sony Classics was willing to back James and Niall on the decision to utilize the selection of AA mics they had at their disposal in a more vintage set up. (View the official mic sheet here)

"We decided to try two mic set ups, to investigate the possibilities with an entirely Advanced Audio  microphone setup, against our normal mix of Neumann's, AKG's etc" - James McMillan   (see more!)


The CM67se wins the heart of Nashville's elite!!

We are happy to have Chuck Ainlay  using the CM67se on Lee Ann Womacks vocals recently, and he had this to say:

"I've got to say, the AA CM67se is killing me. We did vocals on Lee Ann Womack the last few days. In my opinion she's one of the greatest female country singers ever. We did a blindfold shoot out of the AA CM67se against an AKG C12, and  Nuemann U67, M269, U47 as well as some other favorites of mine. Not knowing which was which, my co-producer, Lee Ann and I all chose your mic."




January 2014

Ten21 Recording Studios mic shootout!


Check out  what UK award winning engineer and producer Niall Acott had to say about the  recent mic shootout he did. Have a listen to the clips and let us know what you think!

January 16 2014

CM12 review in Computer Music Studio Italy!


" I can assure I told only truth in the article, that this microphone is one of the best value on the market, and it is so close to the original AKG - for the price and quality of their products - they are the new guardian angels and saviors of a good amount of producers in the world"  Mattia Panzarini.

Effetonote Recording Studio, Milan, Italy.                Full review soon!



January 1, 2014

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Forum! This will allow ourselves and our valued AA visitors and customers to exchange dialogue in a format of learning and sharing. Our goal is to make this Forum educational as well as informational. Please stop by in the new year!

Studio Spotlight Dec 2013:


Check out Colorado's Aspen Leaf Recording studios! Here is a brief look at what Ken Dravis and crew have been doing with AA microphones. CM48's on horns and for live use and CM47 and CM28 on Nashville's Joe Allen, to name a few. Click here to have a listen and look!

November 2013 marked a big milestone for Advanced Audio with the launch of our European division and webpage, Advanced Audio Europe.

Happy to have our CM12 and CM47  recently reviewed in Sound on Sound!!!


Paul White reviews the CM12 and CM47 in the December issue of Sound on Sound. It hits the shops in Europe Nov 21 2013.

"To my ears the CM12 has a much more airy sound than my AKG C12VR, with a more controlled low end. There’s just an inherent ‘rightness’ to the sound that’s hard to put into words"

 The company  traveled to New York City in October 2013 for the AES convention and we appreciate everyone who came to see us and chat microphones. Thank-you NYC!!!


Jon Smeltz stopped in to scream "Thank-you!" for his CM12se that he carries in his briefcase. Jon has recorded Al Green, Mariah Cary, Miles Davis and Toots and the Maytals to name but a few.

Chuck Ainlay came by to check out our mics and chat with Dave about something  they are both very passionate about: The need for groups, like the AES, who provide accurate information about gear and recording techniques to new engineers. We sent him out a CM67se and CM47fet the next day! He has recorded Taylor Swift, Dire Straights, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle and the list goes on! (read more)

 A great album from Elvis Costello and The Roots........and listen to that vocal sound!!


 Steve Mandel used the CM12se on Elvis's vocals part of which were recorded at Crew Studios in North Vancouver. Steve said when he was leaving that he wanted to take the mic and they said no way. He had to buy two more, one for NY and one for Philly! Steve actually said " That was exactly the sound I was looking for, I don't even have to EQ!"

Advanced Audio Microphones traveled to Lisbon, Portugal in November to visit with some happy clients and show off our mics.

The beautiful Portuguese Fado artist Maria Ana Bobone and producer Rodrigo Serrao in the truly amazing Atlantico Blue Studios, in Lisbon, Portugal. Testing several Advanced Audio mics for an up and coming production, AA mics were put up along side the vintage Neumann and AKG classics, which Atlantico Blue has no shortage of.. Once again AA mics were beating the "classics", and in most cases the preferred microphone.

 Architects latest recording done on AA mics!!


UK band Architects recorded there latest album in Gothenburg, Sweden at Studio Fredman. Sam Carter definitely put the Cm47 to the test with his vocals. The album is slated for release this Spring.