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Studio Spotlight - Aspen Leaf Recording


This months spotlight is on Aspen Leaf Recording Studios in Grand Junction, Colorado. Head engineer and owner Ken Dravis has been using Advanced Audio Microphones for some time on a wide range of recording sessions.

"I am using the CM28s on every studio session, and I have some other very nice mics to choose from..." 

 Have a listen to this recording done at the studio. Ken used a pair of CM28's on the beautiful Martin acoustic and the CM47 on vox.


"Old School" was written and performed by Joe Allen. Joe has written for, produced, performed or recorded with Johnny Cash, Gene Watson, Don Williams, Glen Campbell and many others. Joe recorded this demo of a new original song this past September.

"I have used the CM48 in the studio and really like them! I have used my three CM48 (s) on 3 live recordings where I think they excelled. That was, after all, the purpose of purchasing them." Ken Received some of the first CM48's and used them in this recording over the trombones and saxophones.



 We are pleased to be able to share some of Aspen Leaf Recording Studios fine work with you! Ken also runs a "Quick tips" for recording. Hear what he has to say about the CM48.