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Welcome to  Advanced Audio Microphones, a small Canadian, family run company that sells studio microphones to award winning producers and project studios alike. Our unbeatable prices and high quality are quickly becoming known all over the world. (learn more about us)

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Happy Holidays to All our friends in the AA Family. We wish you all the best over the festive season.

    We will return to the shop to continue building up your microphones and                                                     shipping them out on the 27th of December.

Enjoy Dave's good friend's from down in the Baja of Mexico, the Eric Louis Band. You'll see  (and hear!) AA's new DM7 mic on vocal, as well as a pair of CM414's on drum duty and the DM20 (currently discontinued, sigh) on some great sax work. All recorded live at Deep Blue Estudio, San José del Cabo.


The reviews are in; The CM800T is a undeniable success, Being chosen the preferred sound in a blind shoot-out, Check out the shoot-out here! (Mic A, Mic B, Mic C)

                                                           800T grande

   Can you guess which was ours?   Hint: Don't "B" afraid!


Check out! What Dave has to say, as he chats with KelownaNow  and read TapeOps review on the CM251 and CM67se

Dave microphone



NAB show 2018 Dave talks about the origin of Advanced Audio Microphones


 Dave at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas talks about the suitability of Advanced Audio CM87, CM47fet, CM1084v and CM414 for Broadcasting.

CM48T and CM47 on Kyle Cook and Mike Fiorentino




Now Available The CM48T.......11/07/16

Our latest tube mic, only $595!!!!!

                            48T patterns

The CM48T. Vintage 3 pattern u48 tube circuit using only high tolerance modern components. Selected 7-pin JAN 5654W tube, 6 micron gold AK47 capsule, -10db PAD and 100Hz HP filter.

Introducing the MT8016!..............

AA MT8016 Mic Pre

Advanced Audio’s much awaited Dual channel Microphone Preamplifier.

After some time of R and D and many conversations with world class console builders, we have locked in the design, and started production of our state of the art transformer coupled pre. Our first preamp offering is solid state. Using custom wound input and output transformers; in true AA style, it is based on the finest vintage gear, but uses modern components and circuitry, creating a perfect match for not just our microphones but any mic.

The resulting sound has a wonderfully musical transformer coloration and warm wide bottom end, while still keeping the source present and clear.

The adjustable HP filter allows you to hone in perfect clarity on any source. The simplicity of the deign allows for ease of use, one input knob, no array of lights and confusing buttons. Both pro’s and new users alike will appreciate the large VU meters, and clean well thought out design. This was designed by folks that use gear!!

We use some of the best custom wound transformers made in Europe. The circuit boards are top quality and pressed in England, and all the hand soldered components are of the highest quality. Each preamp is hand built right here at AA HQ in Canada.
The  MT8016 is now available at an amazing introductory price of $995usd! 

Buy Now!


The Factory Tour vid!!! Enjoy an inside look at the 'goings-on' at Advanced Audio, where your microphone is crafted and tested........02/11/16

Successes of the CM67se in 2015!!!..........01/18/16

Our CM67se has had a banner year being used on recordings that vary from hip-hop to country. It has found it's way into the hands of so many happy artists and engineers, including some pretty big names! We just wanted to give this mic a little nod and let everyone know how proud we are. 

Joseph Trohman, guitarist and founding member of Fallout Boy proudly prepping his 67se for electric cab:


"My CM67se is warm, full and three dimensional. It's a go to every time when tracking a roomier electric guitar sound that still cuts through the mix. It's also served me well on vocals, especially for groups. It's a gorgeous sounding workhorse of a mic!" READ MORE....

Advanced Audio's CM49 reviewed in Recording Mag!!! 12/01/15

                     Advanced Audio's CM49 reviewed

                                                        "Read it here"

"The CM49 is in every way the antithesis of the bright open modern mic sound. If your interested in the M49 sound...few will have the quality and charm of the such a bargain price!"       - Paul Vnuk Jr


      Advanced Audio's CM49 reviewed

Wishing everyone a fun filled, exciting time seeing and hearing all the new gear at the Javits in NY for AES this year!

Unfortunately AA can't make the trip, but that doesn't mean we aren't thinking of all our friends! Use the promo code "AES2015" to receive a discount!!

 Jack Douglas and Spitfire Studio's sing praise for CM251 07/13/15

Advanced Audio's CM49 reviewed              

                      "Advanced Audio has nailed the CM251 dead on!"

                                               -Jack Douglas

Producer Jack Douglas, engineer Sam Martin and producer Warren Huart at Spitfire Studio's have been putting the CM251 through it's paces on some recent projects. See what else they had to say HERE!

 Advanced Audio in South Africa at Universal Music! 06/30/15

                                   Advanced Audio's CM49 reviewed

Donovan Leon, Engineer, Studio Manager for Universal Music SA,  has been using their pair of CM67se recently on a number of top artists in Johannesburg including Gangs of Ballet, Charlize de Berg, Vincent Bones (idol winner for SA in 2014) and as room mics for the SOWETO Gospel Choir!

              Advanced Audio's CM49 reviewed

                                  "Diamond of Tanzania laying into the 67se"

"The CM67se get's used mostly on vocals; it really has a nice warm character to it which is amazing. It also has been used on guitar, piano and even room mics, we also have a CM47fet we like from Advanced Audio."

            - Donovan 'da Don' Leon, Universal Music South Africa Studio Manager and Engineer


Ladies and Gentlemen we are very pleased to announce the Advanced Audio CM49 tube mic!                         

                                             advance audio micphrones 

And introducing Katie Anne Clark for the first listen to the mic on vocals! So, have a listen and a watch and then check out the info here! Enjoy!

Pitch Perfect 2 - Nearly exclusive use of the Advanced Audio Mics!! .....05/15/15 

                                     pitch perfect   

The biggest grossing single day for a musical! And once again, Joseph Magee, supervising music mixer at Sony, used all of his AA mics on the recording! Vocal work done on the CM251, CM12se, CM47ve, and even beatboxing on the CM48!!

     pitch perfect                    supervising music mixer at Sony

         "The CM251 in action on vox"                  "Anna Kendrick's selfie of her and the CM47ve"


Hit Musical 'Memphis' with music by David Bryan, records London Cast with AA including Beverly Knight on the CM49!                  


Read more about the session and David Bryan's thoughts as well as engineer Niall John Acott on the CM49!

A very successful and fun Musikmesse in Frankfurt!! - April 2015

          still musik grande

A big thank you to all who came by to visit us at Musikmesse. It was so much fun for us and we so look forward to hearing from you all! See more pics and read all about it here.

                                        songstress Debra Jade,

The beautiful songstress Debra Jade, was one of many who had the opportunity to sing in to the AA cross formation at the show. 

 Legendary guitarist Elliot Randall and leading engineer Wes Maebe talk CM67se on guitar cab


 Elliot Randall, legendary sessions recording guitarist, famed for many things, Steely Dan for one, and Wes Maebe discuss their techniques on recording guitar amp.

"Don't go breaking your piggy bank, there is a lot of stuff out there that does the job beautifully, this thing is an unbelievable sounding mic"   - Elliot Randall on the Advanced Audio CM67se

Build your 100k Analog Studio with Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se from Mix Magazine

Wes Maebe designed a $100,000 analog studio this past month for Mix Magazine, and low and behold, he has gone with some of AA's finest for his condenser mic choices. 

                                                          Pedro Productions

                                                 "$100,000 Ante in the Analog Game"

"Advanced Audio Microphones have prided themselves on building vintage-inspired mics using modern technology.
These mics sound warm and open at a fraction of the cost of their predecessors. Both the CM67se ($965) and
CM251 ($995) sound big and crisp and are brilliant for vocals, acoustic guitars and horns. I’ve added a CM414 ($379),based on the original AKG 414. It’ll be cool as an additional mic on snares and deliver a nice zing on acoustic guitars." READ More

Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) sings into CM67se on recent live session at RAK. 03/10/15

                          Bryan Ferry live at_RAK large

                             "Bryan Ferry - Live at RAK"    click to read more

AA Mics records the psychedelic sounds of the orient!! 01/30/15

                                            Pedro Productions


The "Yaybahar", a one string, spring reverb, cello type instrument with animal skin drum heads was recorded by award-winning producer and engineer, Pedro Ferreira at his new studio, SpinRoad Sound using Advanced Audio Mics exclusively!

Click to hear the recording and learn more about this original Turkish instrument.

The Weapons of Choice at Sonic Cuisine:  Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se. 01/15/15

Mo Michael  recording recently with Wes Maebe at Sonic Cuisine.

       Mo_Michael        Sonic_Cusine_compact     Mo michael

   The CM67se on slide guitar.                                   CM251 on vocals and harp. Wes: What a Sound!

Have a listen to a great version of Robert Johnson's Crossroad Blues!


AA Mic's now making an appearance at famed RAK Studio's, London. 01/02/201                                                            RAK compact         

 RAK is one of a small list of studio's still in operation putting out hits since the 70's. Founder, Mickie Most, started recording and producing out of here in 1976 and RAK is still family owned.

 "We absolutely love the mic's on our current session, using both the CM67se and the CM12se on the lead vox. They even beat out our original valve 47 to the job!" 

                                                  - Robbie Nelson, Grammy nominated, in house engineer.



Advance Audio Microphone users Nominated for Grammy Awards! 12/05/14

                                                   Lee Ann Womack

            "BEST COUNTRY ALBUM"                                       "BEST ARRANGEMENT"

Lee Ann Womack medium                     Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann Womack's "The way I'm Living"                     Amy Dickson's track "Moon River"

                                                        READ MORE HERE


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Medd & Shaw "After All That We've Been Through" - Jun 28

  NASHVILLE HERE WE COME!! My recording partner Juan Pablo and I are humbled to be nominated for the Best Americana Album at the Josie Awards at the Grand Ole Oprey in Nashville on October 22nd for Medd & Shaws album "After All We'v...

Mics in motion

We are proud of what our friends do with our microphones. Send us your work to be considered for "Mics in Motion". Here is an "arty" example of the CM414 on a female vocal, as performed by MAIN from Gothenburg, Sweden. 


Done in one take live in the "apartment"