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www.advancedaudio-europe.com Advanced Audio Microphones Europe take care of ALL European sales and warranty. info@advancedaudio-europe.com


Due to the boutique nature of our microphones, each one spends some time on the bench. We strive to ship within 72 hours of an order being placed.Questions? info@advancedaudio.ca

Warranty Information

Your microphone has been manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards by Advanced Audio Microphones. This Limited Warranty offered by Advanced Audio Microphones covers defects in material or workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty can be extended to a total of five years upon completion of on-line registration. We will repair or replace any Advanced Audio microphone that fails to meet factory specifications during the warranty period.
What is covered?


Advanced Audio Microphones warrants our products against defects in material or workmanship as follows:

Advanced Audio will replace at no charge for parts only or, at our discretion, replace any product or part of the product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation, use, service and maintenance. If Advanced Audio is unable to provide a replacement and repair is not practical or cannot be made in a timely fashion, Advanced Audio  may elect to refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the product. Advanced Audio does  not cover the shipment costs to return the product to us. However we will incur the cost to return the product back to you.

How long does the coverage last?


Our warranty covers 2 year from the documented date of purchase. This warranty can be extended to 5 years upon completion of our on line registration.

What our warranty does not cover?


Our warranties do not cover any problem that is caused by:

A. Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.

B. Conditions, malfunctions or damage resulting from  normal wear and tear, improper installation, improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident or alteration.

C. Accessories, connected materials and products, or related products not manufactured by Advanced Audio.

Our limited warranties are void if a product is returned with removed, damaged or tampered labels or any alterations (including removal of any component or external cover).

How to file a claim?


Advanced Audio will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of the controlling warranty statement and you follow proper return procedure. To request warranty service, you will need to provide:

1. The sales receipt or other evidence of the date and place of purchase.

2. A description of the problem.

3.Paid shipping to :


Advanced Audio Microphones

10104 Main St

Summerland, BC, Canada