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Due to the boutique nature of our microphones, each one spends some time on the bench. We strive to ship within 72 hours of an order being placed.Questions? info@advancedaudio.ca

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Here are some people who are happy to be part of our  community.

"AA microphones have immediately taken a place in my mic selection for tracking. They've been used to recording everything from drums to vocals. I'm able to make mixing choices based on my preferences for their older counterparts and have very similar sonic result. The character of each AA microphone is true enough to it's inspiration that it's easy to achieve the sound I know I want without the need to use much in the way of EQ. With a price much lower than vintage or other boutique mics, they are an easy choice."


Kings Of Leon - "Come Around Sundown" - Oct 19th, 2010
cm47se - BGV's, bass amp
cm12se - violin, piano, key amp, wurli
cm87se - guitar amp
414 - B3 organ (leslie)


Cold War Kids - "Mine Is Yours" - Jan 25th, 2011
cm47se - BGV's, bass amp
cm12se - key amp

Jacquire King - Grammy Winner / Producer /Mixer / Engineer



" Hi dave, just did a little test with your cm12. Man, it is just amazing! What a sound! Many many many thanks to you...it´s really the characteristic sound of a top c12."

-Eurico Machado


"The cm-87 is fantastic!!! I put it on acoustic guitar and was surprised."

     Dan Wilson
 - Grammy Winner/Producer/Songwriter

loves my CM-12 on acoustic."

     Mike Nocito

"Dave, Mic is friggin amazing! loving it! Thank you so much for the mod and getting it out for me.  Looking forward to tracking with it this week."

     Garvy J

"Well Dave, it's safe to say, I'm a BIG fan of your microphone. I've been putting it through all the tests and I'm happy to say, it's passed with flying colors.  All I have to say is, Right on man! I'm telling everyone about your microphones."

      Edan Everly

Here is a thread about the CM 47 with audio comparisons.

      3d Audio


"You won't find a better mic anywhere for that kind of money!"

     Recording Microphones

"Hi Dave,
I purchased your CM47fet and CM87. 2 days ago i got to compare your fet 47 with the original neumann fet 47 which we used to record both acoustic guitar and mandolin.

Doing the blind test with 3 independent engineers we all concluded that your mic sounded warmer and nicer.(ps) they were recorded in a russ berger room.

If you want to put me up on your client list i don't mind. FOH engineer with daniel o donnell (Irish singer) for last 24 years".

     Padraig Grogan

"I just got the mics the other day. I tried them out last night and
they sound AMAZING!

I LOVE the cm47SE on my voice! It sounds soooo much better than any other mics I've tried!

Thanks so much for the great service/shipping and mics!"

     Adam Wittgren

"Hi Dave,
btw- I actually have another Klaus 'blessed' u47 here that I rented, and I prefer the cm47se to the neumann for my voice. "

    Ricky Lee Robinson


Hi Dave, Many thanks for the mics, I'm finally getting round to giving you some feedback, apologies for the delay. I'm very happy with them both ... The CM12SE became the principal vocal mic on this last album I've just done for EMI in London, sounded great on the lady in question, ahead of various mics M150, and M149 included.... So, thanks again for the quick turnaround, and informed advice.


    James McMillan