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Due to the boutique nature of our microphones, each one spends some time on the bench. We strive to ship within 72 hours of an order being placed.Questions? info@advancedaudio.ca

Who we are and what we stand for:

We are a grass-roots, family-run, Canadian company. The efficient design and uncompromising sound of our microphones  is due to 45 years of experience plus the sound engineering expertise of our CEO & designer Dave Thomas. Our mics are cost-effective because we run a lean company structure.

We believe that high-quality microphones should be accessible to anyone.  From, Grammy-award winning producers to start-up project studios.  

 A great microphone company should be like a trusted friend - approachable, reliable, honest, knowledgeable  and lots of fun.

"These are  professional microphones at affordable prices. Every mic I've created is something we happily use in our own studios."

 -Dave Thomas CEO-Designer-

 Welcome to  Advanced Audio Microphones  - Let us help you capture your sound signature in its fullest detail.


 "The Guru"

CEO/Designer- Dave Thomas


David Thomas is a charter member of that ancient international brotherhood of experimental-electronics irregulars whose work in the formative years underpins the entire pro audio technology phenomenon. A circuit man from the beginning, David’s profound understanding of the behavior of electronic circuits is the bedrock upon which his considerable reputation stands. When it comes to microphones and signal processing, there is practically no technology in the business that David hasn’t seen, repaired, improved, modified, developed or invented. 

He is a survivor of long years in the trenches of retail technical service and concert sound, a time during which he performed surgery on practically every type of commercial amplifier, keyboard and signal processor ever invented, and assisted and fraternized with the touring superstars of the day, including Fleetwood Mac, the Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and many more.

He was co founder, technical designer and long-time technical director of Ocean Sound Studios in Vancouver. A garage outfit at its inception, the organization grew over ten years into a two-control-room Studer-Trident-JBL facility that welcomed the likes of producers Bob Rock, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, David Foster, and Bill Porter, and artists Bryan Adams, Randy Bachman, Paul Horn, D.O.A. Brian Macleod and Terry Jacks. David was technical consultant on the session that produced the famous “Crying” duet sung by K.D. Lang and Roy Orbison, using one of Ocean’s lovingly maintained Telefunken U47s.

Now, as an elder statesman, with the audio industry surging, and thousands of amateur and professional enthusiasts clamoring for quality, and for that ineffable vintage mystique, David has discovered that his hard-won microphone and preamp circuit expertise is very much in demand. He has crafted and assembled a suite of microphones tailored to the needs of the serious recording and will soon offer the perfect companion Class A preamp to match. His creations are fast becoming the class of the field at each price point, and published praise for them is swelling into a satisfying roar. His operation in the hills above Lake Okanagan is growing, and plans are afoot for imminent expansion into signal processing, live recording, and acoustics consultation.


The Gang


General Manager - Jill Thomas 

Dave's life partner since 1968, Jill embodies the spirit of adventure, happiness and daring. Karma is the word she lives by - she feels that if you can't help someone, at least don't hurt them! Jill is the chief organizer (no small task with audio engineers and musicians), keeping the wheels moving on the family-run machine that is AA Mic's.



          Advanced Audio Europe

Advanced Audio Europe is our European HQ based in Lisbon, Portugal If you´re in Europe and want to purchase AA please visit us at www.advancedaudio-europe.com 

Or drop us an email.info@advancedaudio-europe.com


 Complaints - Miss D - eeek@advancedaudio.ca

 Rescued from a life of boredom with two previous families, Miss D is Advanced Audio Microphones mascot. Just look at those 'golden ears'! Despite the hindrance lack of opposable thumbs pose to her receptionist skills, Miss D will none the less assure your messages are given to someone who cares.

Trusted Friends


Dave would like to introduce you to some of our global network of skilled people we are proud to embrace as friends. If you are in the vicinity of one of their neighborhoods, contact them to arrange hands-on experience with our microphones.



Women Audio Mission (WAM)

WAM Founder/Executive Director Terri Winston and Facility/Media Manager Noelle Duncan were across the aisle from us at the AES 2012 convention in San Fransisco, becoming instant friends and colleagues. WAM is a San Francisco based, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts. Check them out at www.womensaudiomission.org, and be sure to visit them if you are nearby. Advanced Audio Microphones is proud to donate a percentage of sales to the school with any Advanced Audio purchase made though WAM. nduncan@womensaudiomission.org