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MT8016 Dual Channel Microphone Pre Amplifier $995.00 USD

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Advanced Audio MT8016

 Our first, state of the art, dual channel microphone preamplifier. Hand built in Canada, in true AA style. Based on the finest vintage pre's using modern components and circuitry.


Numerous discussions with renowned designers resulted in a preamp unlike any other. Starting with the design concept from a Trident series 80, and adding balanced transformers, and concepts taken from Neve, API, and SSL.

The MT8016 is an extremely quiet, musical pre amp that sounds spectacular on any source. 


  • Continuously variable Mic gain -10 to +60dB

This unique feature allows high SPL sources to be attenuated -10dB after the transformer, thus preserving the transformers musicality by eliminating the need for a pre-transformer pad; which in our experience can "suck the life" out of a microphone preamp.

  • Sweepable High Pass filter 30Hz - 350Hz

A stepped, sweepable filter means that low frequencies can be rolled out for the desired amount of attenuation to remove rumble while maintaining the warmth of a vocal or instruments sound. The HP switch completely bypasses the HP filter circuit, eliminating it from the signal path.

  • Large Analog VU meters

'Cool Blue' illumination and large hand calibrated meters means you have no trouble seeing the exact level.

  • Heavy duty metal toggle switches for 48v Phantom Power, Phase Reversal, and HP filter circuit.
All with separate LED's that visually let you know when these features are engaged.

      Design Specifications:

      • Custom input and output tranformers wound in the UK by OEP
      • Through hole, 1% resistors
      • Top quality capacitors
      • High Speed Op-amps in sockets
      • Balanced, gold pin XLR inputs
      • Balanced 1/4" TRS and gold pin XLR outputs
      • Switchable Power Supply for worldwide operation
      • High quality, thick circuit boards with thick traces
      • Extremely durable Canadian made steel chassis and aluminum faceplate

        By using only the highest quality components, that are all hand soldered here in Canada, Advanced Audio has maintained the quality of the past while offering a preamp that lives up to todays demanding studio requirements. 

        The MT8016 is at home in project studios and in any commercial studio in the world.

        Technical Specifications:

        • Mic Input Impedance: 1.2K ohms
        • Output Impedance: 600 ohms
        • Maximum output: >+21dBm
        • Distortion: <0.1% at +20dBm 1kHz
        • Frequency response: +/- 1dB 20Hz to 20kHz
        • Noise: >-126dBm E.I.N. 20Hz to 20kHz
        • Dimensions: 
        • Weight:


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