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Advanced Audio Microphones in Portugal

Our CM251 made it`s way over the Atlantic ocean to the sunny shores of Portugal to see how it could stand up to an original ELA M251. A big thank you to Rui Guerreiro - "Studio Manager" at Atlantico Blue for making this possible. The original ELA M251 is hard to find and very costly, most who own them are quite protective, but Rui offered it up for the shootout freely.


As with all AA microphones, our CM251 is not a clone. It's a 251 inspired retake on the mic. It has a hotter output when compared to our flagship CM12se and the top end has been smoothed out. Keep in mind no two vintage ELA-M251's are the same. Our aim was for the most vintage sounding ELA M251's.

There was  an opportunity to quickly put the mics up on the beautiful grand piano. Mic placement was very quick and you can certainly hear that the locations of the microphones is playing a part. Still, it gives you an idea of both mics on the same source.





The second session gave us the opportunity to work out of Rodrigo Serrao's studio (Kbranca Music) Portugese artist Romana provided her beautiful voice, and here is a short example of what Rodrigo and her have been working on recently. This of course is a rough cut and the piano is a guide track.You can also hear how the 251 sounds with some reverb.