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Advanced Audio Mics with Joseph Magee on the Sony Culver City lot....


                                                     "Getting past the gates is step one"

AA was lucky enough to get a chance to wander the Sony Culver City back lot with Joseph Magee. Joseph is a world class feature film music mixer, but has worn many hats in his long career in the audio industry including mixing live sound at the Hollywood Bowl, producing and engineering music for rock, jazz and orchestra and even a stint on the road as a member of a Seattle rock and roll band when he was young.


The first stop was the Kim Novak sound stage. Boasting a 348 channel Harrison console that Joseph and the mixing team  mix the 7.1 sound. Currently Joe is working on the a cappella comedy feature Pitch Perfect 2. He has been enjoying the use of his AA mics on the vocal intensive feature, particularly the CM48 for beat box.

 "When we put the AA CM47ve up against a stock vintage 47 and a Stephen Paul mod here in the studio, it was spot on. No one believed it"



     "Walking into history: The Barbara Streisand theatre has been recording music for films since 1933!" 

The room has not been changed much since then and a few stomps on the floor reveal an amazing tail-out on the verb. Interesting to think of an orchestra playing while watching the film and the conductor at the same time!

Presently, a 96ch Neve 88r does the job from the other side of the window.

Joseph explained that a trio of M50s were the way of the old recordings done in this room. He would often use an M49 in the center section when an M50 was down.

"By the way; What about making an amazing Advanced Audio M49 you guys?"

 Well, it was born later that day and on the flight home the design was wrapped. It hit the bench right away and a proto was sent to Joseph the next week.

"The CM49 proto blew my mind. The vintage one in the studio is in great shape, they were neck and neck with the noise floor lower on the AA and the extension up top better. Anyone knowing M49's would be shocked."



         "Wizard of Oz"                                         "Leave a dollar on the Neve for good luck"

Joseph Magee has worked on over 80 full feature films as music mixer. He has been using AA mics on most of his recent films and the CM47ve recording a lot of the a capella tracks on both Pitch Perfect films.

"The AA signature is all over their mics, that is a good thing. I am beginning to know it well."


                      "Scotty and Dave with Joe Magee: They'll give anyone a VIP pass these days!"

Thanks to Joseph for a great day! We look forward to hearing more feedback on his use of the mics especially the CM49!!!