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Build your 100k Analog Studio with Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se

Wes Maebe designed a $100,000 analog studio this past month for Mix Magazine, and low and behold, he has gone with some of AA's finest for his condenser mic choices. The CM251, the CM67se and the CM414.                                               

                                               "$100,000 Ante in the Analog Game"

"Advanced Audio Microphones have prided themselves on building vintage-inspired mics using modern technology.
These mics sound warm and open at a fraction of the cost of their predecessors. Both the CM67se ($965) and
CM251 ($995) sound big and crisp and are brilliant for vocals, acoustic guitars and horns. I’ve added a CM414 ($379),based on the original AKG 414. It’ll be cool as an additional mic on snares and deliver a nice zing on acoustic guitars."

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Wes isn't just throwing these mics in the build. He is a tried tested and true AA user. He has recorded Elliot Randall, The Buzzcocks, Alexandra Burke, Yusf Islam, Beverly Knight, Roger Waters just to name some of the recent's.

"Been doing a lot of recording with the AA mics at RAK, mine and theirs and the results are stunning"

                                                                                        - Wes Maebe, Engineer, Mixer.


        "Always hard at work and fun; Wes at Studio CMI mixing Leelo Pascal's recent album"

We first met "Wesonator"  in New York a few years back at AES when the APRS (Wes is a board member) booth was beside AA. Needless to say, we all hit it off and Wes was dieing to try out some of our mics. Here is some of his comments on a recent recording:

"Last Weekend I took my CM67se into British Grove, where I was recording a piano suite, which included a French Horn on one track and a Soprano vocal on another. I put up an original Tele U47 and the AA CM67se."

"I have to say that the AA topped the U47! The U was warm and round but the AA had the same roundness with more clarity on the top."

"I then used it on the French Horn and it sounds gorgeous!"

We wish all the best to Wes in all his future endeavors, from all of us here at AA!