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Jennifer Paschal and Andrew Kraus

Nun Wandre, Marie with vocals by Jennifer Paschal and piano by Andrew Kraus.

Andrew used our CM414's in XY cardioid to capture this beautiful song at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. October 2013.

JENNIFER PASCHAL OCT142013 Movie1 Chapter4 from Advanced Audio Microphones on Vimeo.



Here is what Andrew had to say about the microphones:

 "As a working classical pianist whose bread and butter business is collaborating with other musicians - primarily singers, some strings and wood wind players - and part time recording engineer, I had some specific requirements for microphones. They needed to sound good with "classical piano"; they needed to work with both male and female classical singing voices; I had to be able to AFFORD them.  After researching various options Advanced Audio mics reached the top of my list, and I contacted Dave Thomas.  He was extremely responsive, spent some time on the phone with me, and based on my requirements recommended the CM-414.  I'm glad he did, because they have served me well, in my studio as well as in field work.  I even used them to record a CD, released last year, Music from the Golden Age of the Piano which is still available from Amazon and iTunes.  There have also been dozens of successful audition recordings with a variety of folks at different stages of career development."