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Memphis -The Musical, London Original Cast Recording uses proto Advanced Audio CM49


The Broadway hit, Memphis The Musical, has been doing the rounds in London this past year. The multi-award winning musical has been cleaning up since its debut in 2010, both for performances and for the music created by David Bryan (renowned keyboardist for BonJovi). David and the cast spent some time at British Grove recording the London cast album with engineer and AA supporter, Niall John Acott.

 "I took the Advanced Audio CM49 to put up in the vocal booth alongside the original C12, to see how it fared for vocals"    - Niall John Acott


             Beverly Knight and David Bryan celebrate "Best New Musical" at Whats on Stage

The cast includes the beautiful and very talented songstress, Beverly Knight.  As it turns out, the CM49 played more of a role then originally intended by Niall. Beverly's guide vocals were so well done that they didn't need to be re done with the vintage C12. It ended up being used on her vocals in the final mix on more then one occasion.

 "I noticed during the second number, I'd left the CM49 open. The tone and balance was totally convincing. A great mic I can wholeheartedly recommend both for sonics and of course the Advanced Audio reliability." - Niall John Acott

David enjoyed the Advanced Audio Mics sound so much that he now has a selection of tube mics at his studio in New Jersey!