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The Successes of Advanced Audio's CM67se in 2015!

Our CM67se has had a banner year being used on recordings that vary from hip-hop to country. It has found it's way into the hands of so many happy artists and engineers, including some pretty big names! We just wanted to give this mic a little nod and let everyone know how proud we are. 

Joseph Trohman, guitarist and founding member of Fallout Boy proudly prepping his 67se for electric cab:


"My CM67se is warm, full and three dimensional. It's a go-to every time when tracking a roomier electric guitar sound that still cuts through the mix. It's also served me well on vocals, especially for groups. It's a gorgeous sounding workhorse of a mic!" 

Wes Maebe, of Sonic Cuisine,  uses our 67se on most every session he does. Known as being part of RAK's A-team, Wes recently used it on UB40's acoustic album and Mo Michaels slide guitar, while Roxy Music's Brian Ferry sang into the 67se on his album "Avonmore." Steely Dan guitarist Elliott Randall used it on vox and both acoustic and electric guitars.  Elliott and Wes even made a "how to mic electric cab" video, starring, you guessed it, our CM67se!


                                   "This thing is an unbelievable sounding mic!"

 Butch Walker has "been using the sh*t out of the 67se!"


"I plan on keeping it in the booth and always running. I have been using it on BG vocal and acoustic guitar too. Love it. I need another one!!!"

Butch has used it on main vocals for the last few albums he has produced, including Harry Connick Jr's "That Would Be Me" and Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon's first solo album,"Painkillers." Butch also went for it on The Wind and the Wave, Dove and the Wolf, and Reignwolf's latest albums, keeping it up on main vocal.


          "That Would Be Me"                              The single, "A Wonderful Life" 

Chuck Ainlay has also found the merits of the 67se.  Chuck has been on to it for a time, but this year it really saw some use! Not only was it used on Lee Ann Womack's, Grammy-nominated album "The Way I'm Livin'" for the lead vocals, but also for Lady Antebellum on both Charles' and Hilary's lead vocals. 

Our 67se also made it's way to London's orchestra recordings. All the way to Abbey Road and British Grove!

James McMillan used it on Grammy-nominated saxophonist Amy Dickson and Liane Carroll's amazing Jazz album, "Seaside."

Without a doubt, many more will find the AA CM67se to be their mic of choice. Whether it's stories from the famed or the about-to-be famous, we look forward to hearing it all!!