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AK47 Capsule $119.00 USD

Our AK47 is an exact duplication of the K47 used in the U47/U48 and M49 microphones built in the late 50's.  The AK47 has a 32mm OD, a single back-plate with randomized hole pattern and is skinned with 6 micron German Mylar. Notice how the AK47 capsule has the same brass surround as the original K47 from 1959 pictured on the right.  The active area is also the same size as the original K47 pictured on the right.

This capsule has the very gentle but audible 47 type rise in the 3-5khz and the same very subtle rise at 10khz and is "darker" with a slightly more forward midrange than the AK67.

To our ears and those of our discerning clients this capsule sounds more similar to original capsules that other new reproductions of the K47 capsule.

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