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CM1084 $229.00 USD



Advanced Audio’s CM1084 is one of the most versatile small diaphragm condenser microphones available. The mic was inspired by the sought after vintage KM84 and the Calrec 1000 series SDC’s which were used in the R&D of the 1084. Advanced Audio Microphones worked very closely with UK engineer Niall John Acott to develop a mic that not only works in large orchestral sessions, but equally well on sources in a rock or jazz sessions. The final shootout, done at Angel studios in London, under the supervision of Gary Thomas locked the mic in as a serious competitor in the SDC microphone field.



The CM1084’s uses a very clean Class "A" get, 2 stage amplifier circuit coupled to a custom wound 2:1 transformer. The circuit was carefully designed to emulate the tight, flatter response of a vintage KM84. However, the circuit provides 14dB more headroom. The mic features a -10dB/-20db PAD and a 75hz/150Hz low-frequency roll-off.  This means the CM1084 can be used extremely close to loud sources like toms and snare drums.


The CM1084 comes with 3 - 22mm capsules of your choice. Additional capsules can be purchased for $50 each. The capsules are all skinned with 6 micron mylar. To change, they simply thread on or off  the microphone barrel. Available are Omni, cardioid, wide cardioid and super cardioid capsules, all with the very low profile design similar to the KM84. Also offered is the more rugged cardioid with the C451 type head grill recommended for close drum or percussion recording.



The CM1084 is equally at home recording acoustic instruments and for recording high-transient studio instruments such as drums, percussion, or grand piano. With the low profile cardioid the CM1084 does a magnificent job over strings.

We also offer the CM1084's as matched pairs with a stereo bar in a larger wooden box.



  • (3)* - interchangeable capsules:-flat surface Omni, Grilled cardioid, Flat surface cardioid, Flat surface super cardioid.
  • Class "A" fet circuit with transformer balanced output stage.
  • Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB
  • Impedance: <150 ohms
  • Equivalent noise: <15dB (A-weighted)
  • Maximum SPL: 127dB, 137db / -10db pad, -147db / -20db pad@1kHz for 0.5% THD .75Hz & 100Hz switchable LF roll-off filter
  • -10dB/-20db selectable pad
  • 48V phantom power required
  • Wooden box
  • Shockmount
  • Stereo Pair comes with a stereo bar.


*Please be sure to add a note when ordering for your capsule choices; Cardioid, Grilled cardioid, Omni or Super Cardioid.

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