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DM7 $265.00 USD

The Advanced Audio DM7

A broadcast quality cardiod dynamic microphone

A great addition to your podcast or recording studio.

   We are over stocked and the DM7 is now $265.00 USD


The DM7 is a cardioid dynamic microphone, based on the original SM7b. The DM7 produces a vocal presence peak which can enhance the voice. It also has an internal windscreen and does not require a shock mount. It features a switched bass/rumble filter or HP filter and  switched presence rise.

The DM7 also works well on horn recording and on instrument amplifiers.


The dynamic capsule has a 150 ohm impedance.

It is mounted in an internal  isolation mount and and has a hum bucking coil.

This reduces EMI noise from cell phones or other studio gear.

Circuit: Passive with a Hp filter and presence cut.

When the HP is engaged its response is  6db down at 120Hz and 10dB at 50Hz. 

With the presence switch engaged there is a 5db lift between 5khz to 7khz.

When the presence switch disengaged the SM7 its 2db between 5khz and 7khz.


Pattern: Cardiod

Frequency response: 50hz to 20khz 

Sensitivity: -59dbv/pa

HP Filter: -5db at 120hz

Presence Boost: +5db 5khz to 7khz

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