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Whispering Bob's - All Star, Stand By Me! Posted on November 05, 2020

Just released! - Check out the Special All Star 60th Year Anniversary edition of "Stand by Me", put together by UK broadcaster Bob Harris and his team; in effort to raise much needed funds to aid musicians during the pandemic, and to mark the single's 60th anniversary. The year 2020 also coincides with Bob Harris' 50th year on the air!

Please visit their gofundme in you are inclined to contribute, or would like to read more information on this outstanding production.

This compilation has an all-star list of musicians, singing on some of the best vocal mics out there! Look out for Paul Rodgers at 2:27, singing on the AA CM87se, recorded at Dave Thomas’ Studio, Two Cats by the Lake, in Summerland - British Columbia, Canada.