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CM48FET $395.00 USD



CM48 fet

The Advanced Audio CM48fet is a large diaphragm, 3-pattern fet condenser microphone featuring our AK47 capsule and a 2 stage class "A" transformer fet/discrete coupled circuit.  It is a solid state version of the U47 and U48 microphone combined into one microphone. The CM48 has a similar response as the U47/U48 microphones.  The clever lads at Advanced Audio added the three pickup patterns option so it has the OMNI option of the U47 plus the FIG8 option of the U48 microphone. The CM48fet can be successfully used to record vocals, acoustic instruments, instrument amplifier and used in close on drums "John Glynn" style. It has a slightly more extended frequency response that our CM47fet/CE plus has the FIG 8 option allowing two CM48fet microphones to be used as a Blumlein pair.


The CM48 features a double-sided, single back-plate 32mm K47 type capsule with a response identical to the original K47 capsule used in the U-47/U48.  The original K47 capsules had a metal surround like our AK47 microphones and not the later K47 with a nylon surround that so many of the new "cloned" capsules use.


The CM48 uses the same discrete, two-stage Class "A" transformer amplifier design found in our CM87 microphone.  The AK47 capsule is 2-3dB less efficient than the AK67 capsule used in the CM87. The CM48 also features a cylindrical U-47 type head grill. This combination allows the microphone to handle sound pressure levels 3-4db higher than the CM87.

The CM48 also has a -10db pad as well as a 100Hz rumble filter. It comes in a rugged aluminum flight case with a very robust shock-mount.



  • 32mm double-diaphragm K47-type capsule
  • Selectable omni, cardioid and figure-eight pickup patterns
  • Class A fet two-stage transformer-coupled
  • 100Hz switchable roll-off (rumble filter)
  • Switched -10dB pad
  • Impedance: <200 ohms (load impedance <1.2K)
  • Noise:< 14db(A-weighted)
  • Distortion: <0.5 @ 130dB without pad 140dB with pad
  • Output: >14dBu with <0.5% distortion 20-20kHz
  • 48V power requirement
  • Robust shock-mount
  • Aluminum road case


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