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CM47fet CE $389.00 USD


The Advanced Audio CM47fetCE came about because more then one of Dave's busy producer friends asked if we could retrofit the CM47fet with our AK47 capsule, to give it the more traditional, vintage sound.

The CM47fet is our entry level Professional LDC microphone has a 32mm K67 type capsule. It has a de-emphasis circuit to tame the rise in the capsule response just like an original U87. The CM47fet ends up having a response ½ way between the U47fet and the original late 60’s U87 but while the CM47fetCE has the more traditional U47fet response.

The CM47fetCE is a large-dual-diaphragm condenser microphone based on the famous Neumann U-47 fet design. The CM47fetCE has our AK47 single back-plate capsule with a random drill pattern and 6-micron diaphragms. The CM47fetCE has both cardiod & omni response patterns and a Class A amplifier design with a HF de-emphasis circuit coupled into a transformer balanced output.

The output transformer in the CM47fetCE has also been upgraded to a more sophisticated transformer with dual windings and bi-metal lamination's for a better transient response on percussive instruments.


• 32mm 6-micron dual-diaphragm capsule
• Class A fet 2 stage circuit with hf e-emphasis
• Transformer output
• 100Hz internal bass roll-off switch
• Switched -10dB pad

• Impedance: <200 ohms="" br="">• Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz
• Noise: -15dB (A-weighted)
• Distortion: 0.5% @ 125dB
• 48V requirement
• Robust shock-mount
• Aluminum road case

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