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CM48T $595.00 USD





A True miniature tube version combining the U48/U47 features.

This 3-pattern tube microphone is based on a combination of the vintage U47 and U48 microphone made after 1958.  The CM48T has a traditional single stage class "A" U47/U48 type circuit.  However, the clever lads at Advanced Audio added a 3-pattern option combining the OMNI feature of the U47 with the FIG-8 feature of the U48 while retaining the passive, polarization method of the original U47 and U48 microphones. The CM48T an exceptional microphone with an amazing attention to detail built into a very compact body with extremely high quality components.

In studio testing, we have found it to be an excellent choice for vocals, over the drums, or on acoustic guitar. The CM48T can easily be placed on electric guitar amplifiers, on a bass cabinet, on kick drum and other high SPL sources, yielding great results.  Its small stature and added -10db pad allows it to perform recording tasks once thought to be impossible from larger vintage tube microphone circuitry.

It is a perfect addition to any project studio as your first tube mic. It has been designed to work seamlessly in any serious commercial studio as well. You can buy a matched pair without breaking the bank and with the FIG-8 option use them as a Blumlein pair.

If your looking for that vintage tube microphone sound, in a smaller, amazingly affordable package, the Advanced Audio CM48T is that microphone!


Like the original circuit designs, we are using a socketed 7-pin military grade pentode tube wired as a triode.  The use of modern, high tolerance components results in a far quieter, more reliable microphone with the extra feature of 3-patterns and a -10db pad. 

The single class "A" tube circuit stage uses a military GE/JAN 5654W sub-miniture 7 pin tube.  Great care was take to closely match the plate current and output impedance parameters to that of the original VF14 tube found in vintage U47 & U48 microphones. 


Our custom wound miniature BV8 transformer with the traditional 6.5:1 ratio yields outstanding headroom and a warm response rivalling the original larger U47/U48 but or an incredibly economical price.


The CM48T uses our tried and true, AK47 capsule, the same capsule used in our CM47ve, CM49, CM48fet and CM47fet/CE microphones. All Advanced Audio Microphones capsules are hand skinned using 6 micron, gold sputtered mylar. Each capsule goes through rigurous testing procedure here in our shop.




    • Pattern Selector: 3 pattern; Omni, Cardioid and figure 8 from the microphone body
    • High Pass Filter: 120Hz (6dB/octave) activated from a rear toggle switch
    • Attenuation/PAD: -10dB activated from a rear toggle switch
    • Circuit type: Single stage class "A" tube, transformer coupled
    • Capsule: center fed AK47 (true K47 reproduction with brass surround).
    • Capsule Polarization: 60V with the rear diaphragm remaining passive in cardiod.
    • Tube type: socketed military grade selected GE/JAN 5654W
    • Transformer: Miniature BV8 dual bobbin with 6.5:1 ratio with iron laminations.
    • Transformer Distortion: <1%@20Hz/+10dBu and <0.05%@50Hz/+10dBu
    • Max SPL: 138dB (148dB with PAD)
    • Frequency response: 25Hz-20kHz + or - 3db
    • Equivalent Noise Level: <14dB (A- weighted)
    • S/N Ratio: >85dB (Ref. 1Pa A-weighted)
    • Sensitivity: -32dBu
    • Output impedance <200 ohm (load impedance <1.2K)
    • Output connector: Male XLR, 7-pin gold plated
    • Body DM: 8.18" long, 1.98" diameter/ 208mm long, 50.5mm diameter
    • Switchable 120v-220v power supply
    • 25' Gold plated 7 pin cable
    • Heavy Duty shock-mount that threads onto the base.
    • Sturdy  travel case 

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