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CM49 $965.00 USD

 “The Classical Companion. Elegant and Exceptional”

The Advanced Audio CM49 was designed with the vintage Neumann M49 in mind. As with all of our microphones, we did not clone one of the vintage M49 versions. Rather, we used modern designs, circuitry, and components while maintaining the sound of this classic microphone famous for producing smooth pop and soulful vocals. The M49 gained notoriety capturing the distinct vocals of Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Billie Holliday, and the Beatles ´Help´ overdubs. Additionally, it is considered the classical orchestra workhorse. Renowned for the lush vocal sounds of the 50's, Advanced Audio's CM49 touts the same natural and accurate reproduction, but captures a more refined high-end and smooth bottom-end. 

The story of how it came about:

A visit to the Sony Culver city lot and the first meeting of our friend, Joseph Magee (supervising music mixer), led us into the famed soundstage that recorded Wizard of Oz in 1939, with, you guessed it- Neumann M49's. Joseph's comment: "Have you guys ever thought of making an M49 type mic?  I love your 251 and 47ve, but would absolutely love to have an m49." We returned from LA and the team got started right away. The resulting prototype made its rounds, with the first going directly to Joseph Magee.

"I am so happy to add the CM49 to my arsenal. The detail is remarkable. When the CM49 arrived, I put it up against one of my favourite M49's on the planet. The result was shocking...anyone knowing M49's would be shocked"                                                     Sony supervising  music mixer - Joseph Magee

Here is a great example of what the CM49 does best- female vocals. Joseph used his CM49 (among other AA mics) on the beautiful and talented Katie Anne Clark:

 "Lucky for me I have been spoiled by tracking my vocals with great mics and amazing recording chains. This new CM49 gives me such a sense of detail while tracking.  The results of the mic in the mix are awesome."                                                              - Katie Anne Clark



The CM49 uses our own, hand-assembled AK47. The capsule is a 32mm OD dual diaphragm, single back-plate, centre-fed design. Although they originally called the capsule a K49, it is an exact reproduction of the Neumann K47 (the capsule used in the M49). Each capsule is hand-inspected and tested by Advanced Audio techs. Advanced Audio capsules use 6 micron thick, gold-sputtered mylar.


      "the M49 on Miles' trumpet"                "the CM49 on Pete Effamy's vintage sax"

"The authenticity from your end is fantastic! A lovely mix of treacle, air and clarity"

                                              - London sessions player -Peter Effamy


In the initial stages, Advanced Audio had the opportunity to have our CM49 shot out against originals on varied sources. 

As well as the M49's solid reputation as a soulful vocal mic, it became the go-to mic for horns and as an orchestra OH. Ross Cullum A-B'd our prototype against an original M49 on strings and OH.

"I thought it was very musically pure. It has good body and warmth. It's the sort of mic where you just hear the instrument, not the mic - a very good thing sometimes"

                                                        London composer - Ross Cullum


By using Advanced Audio's modern 2-stage tube mic circuitry, the CM49 has a much lower output impedance, yielding more headroom than the original. The hand-selected Electro Harmonix 6072a valve is one of the quietest hifi tubes available.  

The output transformer is our own custom-wound BV18 transformer. This dual bobbin transformer has bi-metal (a mixture of iron and nickel) laminations. It provides very fast damping, resulting in a clear, undistorted transient response. The 8:1 ratio windings, along with the dual-stage circuit, deliver +24dB, with less than 1% of distortion.



                                      "The CM49 looking lovely in lights"   

The CM49 also travelled to Atlantico Blue in Lisbon to test on piano and vocals. 

"Unbelievable! Both the bottom and top end are more extended and defined when placed next to my original"  

                          - Producer, Studio Manager Atlantico Blue, Rui Guerreiro

The voltage of the power supply (included) is set for each microphone.  The 9-pattern power supply adds significant versatility. You can open up the cardioid to get more room, or tighten it to get more proximity. Put it on fig 8 for Miles-type horns, or put it in omni for Dylan-like vocals!

The Curves:




  • 32mm single backplate 6-micron, gold sputtered mylar diaphragm, our AK47
  • Our custom wound dual bobbin BV18 (8:1 ratio) output transformer
  • 9 selectable pattern power supply (switchable from 120v-220v)
  • 6072a Tube in a Class A dual stage circuit (CCDA)
  • Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB
  • Noise: -17dB (A-weighted)
  • Impedence: <200ohm
  • Distortion: < 1% @ 128dB
  • Output: +24dB with less than 1% distortion into 1.2k load


Whats included?

  • The beautiful CM49 in leather case
  • Heavy duty, thread-on shock mount
  • 25' gold pin, 7 pin cable
  • Foam pop filter
  • 9 pattern power supply
  • Power cable
  • Travel case 
  • 2 year warranty
  • Lifetime membership to the AA community!

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