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CM47ve $895.00 USD

CM47ve CM47ve

  Advanced Audio CM47ve


The Advanced Audio CM47ve is a large dual-diaphragm, multi-pattern, tube condenser microphone inspired by the famous Neumann U-47. The CM47ve is a great choice for vocals, saxophones, acoustic instruments, and excels in front of bass and guitar amps. The CM47ve provides response within +or - 1.5dB of a U47 microphone made after 1958.

 Dan Wilson using the CM47ve on acoustic guitar.





Our Advanced Audio CM47ve features our AK47 capsule. The AK47 is an exact reproduction of the Neumann K47. The AK47 is a 32mm capsule with single back-plate, random drill pattern and is skinned with 6 micron mylar. The CM47ve yields a more vintage, 'darker' response curve than our CM47 above 10kHz but has a very present sound with a slightly wider proximity effect than the CM47.



The circuit is based on the very hifi 6072 tube optimized with a two-stage Class A design. 

This circuit provides a much lower output impedance with more headroom than the circuit used in the original U47. The lower output impedance provides a faster damping factor when driving the BV8 type transformer, delivering a better transient response than the original design.


Selected 6072a tubes are some of the quietest tubes made, and are much less susceptible to microphonics than the metal-clad vf14 tubes used in the original U47 tube microphone.


The dual-bobbin output transformer with its hum bucking configuration and our optimized circuit will deliver +20dBu with less than 1% distortion.

The output transformer is driven with a 2.2 ufd metal-film capacitor to take advantage of the transformer’s response down to 10Hz.




  • 1.07” (35mm) single back plate 6-micron German mylar diaphragm AK47 capsule
  • 9 selectable pickup patterns remotely switched from the power supply
  • Dual bobbin BV8 (6.5:1 ratio) output transformer
  • 6072a tube Class A dual stage (CCDA)


  • Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz +/–3dB
  • Noise: -17dB (A-weighted)
  • Impedance: < 200 ohm
  • Distortion: < 0.5% @128dB
  • Output: +20dBu with less than 1% distortion into 1.2K load


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