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CM87se $465.00 USD




The CM87SE came about because a fellow engineer asked Dave if he could  use the CM87 in close on drums in a “Glynn Johns” type set-up where the microphones are less than 2’ from the closest drum or cymbal source. To accomplish this we fit a more complex output transformer with dual windings and bi-metal lamination's that is able to handle more easily the fast rising drum transients when placed close to the drums.

The CM87SE in all other aspects is identical to the CM87. It is a large diaphragm fet three pattern condenser microphone that features our double-diaphragm/double back-plate 6-micron AK67 type capsule and Class “A” transformer coupled amplifier design. It is well suited for recording vocals or instruments in any studio or live application and able to capture the drums at very close distances.

The CM87SE is built to a very high standard and offers a remarkably full yet well-defined and ultra-clean sound. We fit the more sophisticated output transformer here in our shop,  and the CM87SE goes through a more rigorous level of QC.

Like the CM87 the CM87SE can be configured as either omni, cardioid, or figure-eight via a front mounted metal toggle switch.

The CM87 has 14db more headroom than traditional fet/transformer circuits.


  • 35mm capsule with dual 6-micron center-fed diaphragms
  • Class A fet/discrete transformer-coupled circuit
  • dual bobbin transformer with bi-metal laminations and 2.25:1 ratio
  • 3 patterns selected via a  front toggle switch (omni, cardiod & Fig-8)
  • 100Hz roll-off, switched from the body
  • -10dB pad, switched from the body
  • Maximum output +19dbu 
  • Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz
  • Noise: <12dB (A-weighted)
  • Distortion: 0.5% @ 128dB, and 0.5% at 138dB with -10dB pad engaged
  • Impedance: <200 ohms (load impedance < 1.2K)
  • 48V requirement
  • Robust shock mount
  • Aluminum road case


    Click here for response curves


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